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When our doctor informed us that he hired a hygiene department consultant I must admit I was skeptical. I have been a dental hygienist for 32 years. Jayne Carey has brought our hygiene department to a new level. I believe Jayne's method consisting complete training for the entire staff was the key to our success. In just three short months we have more than doubled our production. Thank you Jayne, we are proud of the treatment we are providing for our patients. We are truly improving their overall health.

Donna Curelop RDH

As a consultant and presenter, Jayne was extremely thorough and professional. Her attention to detail and care of our patients was clear and appreciated. The verbal skills we learned during Jayne's visits have proven to be invaluable in helping patients understand the importance of treatment as well as proper homecare. It also helped create consistency in the messages that all our team members are delivering to our patients.

Our hygiene department was producing 23% of the total office production before we started the program with Jayne and now, not quite a year later, their average has been approximately 33% of the total production, which we consider a substantial improvement.

I would recommend Jayne's services to any office that wants a more structured and consistent hygiene protocol with better treatment acceptance and patient compliance.

Monica A Gobran, DMD

This letter is written to express my satisfaction with the services provided by Jayne Carey of Perio Management Consultants in developing systems for my companies New England Dental Group and Park Avenue Dental Center.

Our challenges were patient retention and hygiene appointment cancellations. We understand the importance of a hygiene department, as it is the foundation of a successful practice!

Jayne was able to identify our challenges and was able to implement well defined systems in the practices. In doing so, we implemented hygiene programs to treat patients with modern methods to achieve results inline with our standard of care. Her systems focusing on better patient care were well received by the team. Jayne’s support and follow up has been exceptional.

We have simply transformed our practices to a superior process of care due to Jayne’s systems and we are proud to be providing the best possible care! This ultimately translates to increased treatment acceptance. We have grown the practices well over twenty five percent in about 6 months.

I am pleased to recommend Jayne Carey of Perio Management Consultants to dental practices looking to elevate patient care, especially in the hygiene department.

Please contact me for additional information at [email protected].

Gokulan Thiagarajah (GT)
Director of Operations
New England Dental Group

Dear Jayne,

On behalf of the staff and I thank you for your hard work and efforts to improve our periodontal health promotion/disease prevention program.

I agree we came a long way over this past year.

It is the belief of staff and many patients that I have the best program for periodontal health and disease prevention in the four corners area.

We have had several visitors from all over the US that a "blown away" my our entire program and take a special interest in the emphasis on hygiene aspect of care.

David Herman, DDS

"We all know that the hygiene department is the foundation of a successful dental practice. A hygiene department cannot provide the optimum care to their patients without a comprehensive periodontal system in place. Jayne Carey's program is the answer! Use her assessment sheets with every one of your clients! The vast majority of hygiene departments don't have a system in place. Educate them passionately on "why" they need a comprehensive periodontal program. Then call Jayne and set up the teleconference, she will do the rest! Her program rocks!

One of my largest clients hired Jayne, and can't be more thrilled with her and the results! His hygiene numbers are way up! He feels better because now he knows he's helping his patients get healthier! He told me after going through her initial training, he was embarrassed at what they weren't doing for their patients. He is very impressed with her and told me hiring Jayne is one of the best things he's done for his practice and most of all, his patients!" - Scott Rigby, Patterson Dental Territory Representative, Boston

Scott Rigby
Territory Representative
Patterson Dental Supply
1-800-842-5355 x65150

"Our practice, through the direction and training of Ms. Jayne Carey of Perio Management Consultants, has helped us reach a new level of care for our patients.

The periodontal management systems employed by our practice have proven to continually be successful over time. Our patients are well maintained and are getting the care they deserve.

Through the learning process, we have gained communication skills that have made a huge impact on our case acceptance rate and have generated a substantial increase in our hygiene production.

Developing a successful unified approach to care that is consistent with our philosophy; we presently employ a cohesive working team that is passionate about fulfilling our mission statement.

Ms. Carey has an immeasurable approach to training that helps the team understand the “whys” and thus truly make a commitment to reaching the next level of patient care. Her implementation and support throughout the process has been invaluable.

I have no hesitation in whole heartedly recommending her as a consultant for Perio Management Consultants, LLC.

Northshore Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Ronald T. Plotka D.D.S.

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