Steps For Successful Transition

Consider these seven critical components for transforming your dental practice:

Discovery: Most dental practices have untapped income potential. Recognize this and you’ve taken the first step to increasing your office’s productivity

Teamwork: Success really depends on interaction between every team member. Breakthroughs are a group effort. They don’t “just happen.”

Common Philosophy: Having a common philosophy is crucial to insuring a common goal. It is a guideline to where you’re going and how you’ll get there. It is critical to achieving any goal in life—especially true of dentistry.

Communication: Just talking isn’t quite the same as conveying concepts—clearly and effectively. Listening (being interested instead of interesting) is a widely ignored component of effective communication. When practiced, listening can open doors to getting your treatment ideas across.

Systems: Any business needs to implement systems to be well organized and have a consistent approach to allow procedures to run smoothly. These systems need to be reproducible, manageable, and measurable.

Education: By providing information to transition patients into needed care and elective treatments, you empower them. Their dental IQ raises and they become more accepting of all types of care. You add value to your practice at the same time.

Monitoring: Well-designed monitoring techniques measure both successes and failures of the dental team. A valuable feedback loop for greater fine-tuning!

Change does require effort
Making the changes necessary to enhance profitability isn’t easy. It is a transformation process. Perio Management Consultants help ease the transition with well-planned organized systems and tools to help your team succeed.

Once implemented, the transition begins and dental teams become more productive—and happier in their work.

To meet the technical and financial challenges of the future, consider enhancing your practice’s hygiene department—a worthwhile, attainable and profitable—goal.